Macau is a Las Vegas Of Asia

Its scary, but beautiful good morning today we are heading to macau before checking out ill, go to the gym and then will go to the ferry station. There is a fast boat ride to macau from hong kong to macau. It takes 35 to 45 minutes ill to to the station and see how ill buy the tickets. Finally, im ready im going to macau for one reason: only HIGHEST BUNGEE, JUMPING IN THE WORLD From a commercial building ill go there a JUMP each and everyone of us has a fear of heights. But there is nothing better than the feeling when you challenge yourself and discover that your fear was nothing aha, newly married from hong kong to macau. There are 2 types of boats Turbo Jet, the other one is Cotai jet same price for both around 70 saudi riyals.

For one way, 171 Hong Kong Dollar – i checked out and will go to the station bye, bye, hong kong actually ill be back to hong kong. Again before i go ill, buy a cup of coffee and then ill go. The people here are so busy.

I mean they might nit reply to you when you say thank you because its a waste of time among themselves they smile and talk properly, but not with tourists or may be. I have some problem. Look at the queue behind me.

They wanna buy tickets for Tomorrow, and here i am wan na buy tickets. For today they told me its finished i have already booked for today in macau. I found people selling it black market. Look at the price 171 $.

I went to one of them. He told me it costs 250 Hong kong Dolla, it costs 171 $ why 250 went to the queue they told me. Nothing is available, went back to that chinese guy told him. Ok, give me for 250. He said nooooo. Now the price has become 270 $ 10 minutes ago.

You told me 250, he said no, that was in the past. This is the last tickets. I cant give it to you. I told him come on man give it for 250. As you said before such a lie, i rememberd russel petters. He said a similar story on a stage show.

So when you come book online tickets ahead of time tickets get sold really fast. The population of Macau is 650 thousands. The problem is, they live in a 30 square km. Only so macau is one of the most densely populated country in the world. Since 1557 AD, the Portuguese occupied Macau till 1887 AD.

They used to pay for 250 or 300 years. They used to pay 19 KG of Sliver to China for every year they spent in Macau in 1887. The Portuguese said we have been here long enough now this is our country and they occupied it. In 1999, the Portuguese returned Macau to China for an agreement for the next 50 years. Macau will be a liberal country, freedom of law, freedom of econmoics and china will not interfere in the internal affairs. So, according to the agreement, china will be responsible for all External affairs of Macau for all internal affairs.

China will not interfere when i arrived. I noticed this bus, which will take me to the hotel for free after a 10 minutes walk. I arrived at the reception. This hotel is Huge, wow, beautiful room. This is the bathroom here. You wash your hands shower here.

If you didnt, like the first one, you use this one here is the bathroom whats, this toilet paper, dental kit for shaving, another dental kit, bedroom. The Venetian is located in Macau and Las Vegas as well. The hotels here arent too expensive, so you would come and play in the casino and use your money. The hotel is so big that the lobby has a map. This is the 3rd floor in the lobby, and this is the 5th floor in the lobby and then the first floor in the lobby.

These are all the shops in the lobby and here are the rest of the shops. There is a mall in the shape of Valencia, its so beautiful in the lobby. We will go and see the hotel and how is it then ill, bungee jump and the day will be over in the lobby bed here and tv there couch there tv there, food here sleep there nap here, reading and studying here tv here looking at people from Here, Masha Allah: this hotel is an old fashioned hotel.

This egg tart shop is very famous here. This one is good, not like the one i had in hong kong. The Venetian Macau is the largest hotel in one building structure in the world, and it has the largest Casino in the world im surprised by the size. They have given me a Map, so big you can get lost inside the lobby. The number of Casinos in Macao Surpasses the number in Las Vegas.

This is thier currency Patacas. There are alot of words in the portugesse languge that were taken from arabic, Patacas mean Card in Arabic. There are alot of words in Macau which were taken from Portugese and hence from Arabic, ill, go and jump from there from time to time. One must try something he is afraid of it just gives meaning to life.

Unfortunately, the bungy jumping is under maintenance, not working since its not available so ill. Try something else: Skywalk ill, walk on the edge of the tower ill, try to lay back and spread my hands a bit scary, but fun. It was a wonderful experience, ill come again and do the bungy jumping in the future.

I feel so bad, i traveled to Macau for the bungy and it was not available. I wish i asked them before i travel all the way. I really feel bad sad. I wanted this so much if you liked this adventure.